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5 Ways Cosmetic Dentistry Can Help Improve Your Selfie Game

Jul 19, 2018
Cosmetic Dentistry has come a long way since its initial days in the medical field. Today, getting a cosmetic dentistry procedure done is incredibly easy, and so versatile that almost anyone can opt for something that fits their needs...

Cosmetic Dentistry has come a long way since its initial days in the medical field. Today, getting a cosmetic dentistry procedure done is incredibly easy, and so versatile that almost anyone can opt for something that fits their needs and their requirements well. With the flexibility of procedures, there are options out there that are tailored to every specific need. People don’t often realize how even one small cosmetic dentistry procedure can completely change the way their smile looks and feels. Having a better smile doesn’t only make you seem presentable, but also improves your overall confidence.

With how prominent social media platforms like Instagram and Snapchat have become, everyone always wants to put their best forward for the world to see. While the intricacies of the photo might get altered in image editing tools, one thing that tends to remain static is one’s smile, which is why people actively try to seek cosmetic dentistry treatments always to put their best smile forward.

If you are still wondering how cosmetic dentistry can improve your selfie game and take it to the next level, here are five ways in which you will be able to see results. For Cosmetic Dentistry Scottsdale Az has a number of brilliant options that one can go in for, most of which can be found at Trinity Dental Care

Brighten Your Smile

If you ever come across a photo shoot where a model is smiling, one thing that you will notice is the color of their teeth. The teeth are always the purest shade of white and tend to elevate the look of the overall picture. Most of these models tend to opt for teeth whitening procedures that give them the best pearly whites, even when they are leading a hectic life.

While not all of us might be models posing for the biggest magazine covers, having pearly white teeth will improve the overall look of your selfie, regardless if you are using any editing apps or not.

Teeth whitening treatments are some of the best and most efficient among the list of treatments that one can opt to go in for when they are looking to get some kind of cosmetic dentistry done. Because of how basic they are, these are treatments that can show results in the most minimal amount of sittings. Patients can also sometimes see results in their teeth after the first sitting itself, making this something that will work to improve your selfie.

Fixing Your Bad Angles

A lot of times, when taking selfies, we try to find out our best angles to look best in our pictures. This usually entails hiding any imperfections that you might see or make sure that the light is falling on you right. Normally, the teeth also play a big role in figuring out the right angle to find, especially if a few of your teeth are crooked in a certain way.

Not all of us want braces, especially if we are older and already in professional jobs. However, there are plenty of options available for braces that aren’t visible and which are hidden. Things like Invisalign are one of those braces that help the teeth get into place correctly, without being seen unless you look closely.

Fixing The Edges

A lot of times, people refrain from smiling in their pictures because they don’t want to show their teeth, especially if they are chipped or uneven in a certain way. Cosmetic dentistry has plenty of options that can enable people to properly fix their teeth in a way which makes them seem even, even if there was any kind of prior damage to them.

Similarly, cosmetic dentistry can also help with any kind of gaps that are prevalent in the teeth. Even though the front gap is in style right now, not everyone is comfortable donning the look. Similarly, if there are any gaps in the side of your teeth, you might not want to take side profile frames, even though they might look like your better angle. Cosmetic dentistry also has a number of options available to help with any kind of jagged teeth that one might have, which can sometimes cause people to be self-conscious and not want to take selfies.

Opting For Veneers

If you have ever wondered how most of those Instagram models tend to maintain their bright white smile in spite of their active lifestyle, the answer is veneers. Getting constant teeth whitening might not always be an option for everyone who wants to maintain a great smile. This is when the option of veneers comes in. Veneers are a solution through which a thin coat that forms a kind of a shell is applied over your teeth. Think of it as the teeth equivalent of a really thin phone case that is almost not entirely distinguishable from the actual thing.

These veneers can make teeth look whiter than what they are, and can maintain that look for an incredibly long period of time. Veneers can also help improve any kind of chippings that have appeared on the teeth and can solve the problem of any other sort of imperfection that you might want to improve. Veneers also work to improve the overall quality of your smile, thereby giving you the confidence that you need to take the best selfie.

Giving You Composite Fillings

If you are someone who has had a few cavities through the course of their life, you probably have some filling that is darker than your teeth color. Most of these tend to be some silver colored filling that can be seen clearly. Composite fillings come as the cosmetic option for those who want to hide those silver fillings and make their teeth seem completely natural.

If you are someone who likes to take selfies while you laugh, this is the cosmetic dentistry option that you can go in for if you have any fillings in your teeth. The composite is made to match the color of your natural teeth, thereby making it seem less visible. This can be one of the simplest and easiest ways to improve one’s smile and improve your selfie game.

Trinity Dental Care (Cosmetic Dentistry Scottsdale AZ) has a number of options, like the ones that we mentioned, that one can opt for if they are looking to seek some cosmetic surgery options to improve their smile.