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6 Reasons Why Dental Assistants Enjoy Their Work

Apr 07, 2022
The Dental industry offers interesting challenges for those who are willing to undertake them. If you’re looking to sign up for a dental assistant school Scottsdale, now is a great time to start your dental career.

The Dental industry offers interesting challenges for those who are willing to undertake them. If you’re looking to sign up for a dental assistant school Scottsdale, now is a great time to start your dental career. Dental assistants are very high in demand right now, and according to data from the United States Bureau of Labor and Statistics, that demand is expected to increase into the year 2030 at the very least. Why are dental assistants so excited to begin their dental careers? To find the answer to this important question, we looked at data obtained from, a company that recently released a survey asking that very question.

Reason 1: Dental Assistants Feel Like An Important Part of their Team

A dental assistant plays more of a role in oral care than people may realize. Aside from administering general care and ensuring that patients are comfortable before treatment begins, a dental assistant needs to ensure that the dentist’s tools are kept clean, sterilized and in good working order, perform administrative tasks such as scheduling appointments, track a patient’s dental history and other important tasks that help make your dental appointment as smooth and painless as possible. Some dental assistants are even tasked with taking X-rays that help determine how the dentist proceeds with treatment.

Dental assistants are responsible for many tasks that may include:

  • Escorting patients to an available examination room
  • Preparing the examination table
  • Keeping track of patient check-ins and check-outs
  • Handling insurance forms
  • Cleaning the examination room and tools
  • Restraining patients, if needed
  • Maintaining equipment including cleaning and sterilization
  • Ordering new examination tools as needed

Reason 2: They Want to Learn Something New

Dental assistants are extremely studious people that almost never stop learning new things that help advance their careers, and there are no shortage of opportunities to increase your knowledge. There are many dental assistant schools Scottsdale that offer day, evening and online classes. Many dental assistants go on to become dentists themselves, eventually creating their own practices once they gain enough experience.

Reason 3: They Enjoy Working With People Who Share Their Passion

Dental assistants have a passion for their job, and they love to work with like-minded dental professionals in the industry. As they gain experience, many dental assistants often build strong professional relationships that last well into their dental careers. Dentists are often more than willing to give glowing references for their assistants because they want to see their assistants succeed as they advance their careers!

Reason 4: They Enjoy Helping Others

Many dental assistants don’t see their careers as just a job, but as an opportunity to use their knowledge to increase the quality of life of the patients they care for. They feel honored to have been granted this task and work diligently to spread knowledge of good oral hygiene skills so that their patients never have to endure the pain of toothaches. Have you ever heard the old adage “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”? That holds true with oral hygiene!

Reason 5: They Love to Advance Their Careers

Dental assistants cannot resist opportunities for advancement, and there are no shortage of such opportunities for these eager individuals. Some might move on to more prestigious practices, others might accept work in other, more challenging positions and some are happy with pay raises. Whatever their motivation, one fact remains constant: Dental assistants will take almost any opportunity for career advancement because it helps them build more successful careers.

Reason 6: They Love to Nurture, Educate And Inspire

Have you ever dealt with an obstinate child that refuses to go to the dentist? Dental assistants deal with these patients almost on a daily basis. They are extremely adept at easing childrens’ anxiety about having dental procedures done, and they will often come out of the office with a smile on their face! This is made possible because dental assistants are very caring and nurturing by nature.

Furthermore, dental assistants love to educate their patients on good oral hygiene practices and how to best care for your teeth so that they remain healthy throughout your life.


The life of a dental assistant is challenging. There are no two days that will be exactly alike. This variety is what drives so many young individuals to start their dental careers.