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This is How to Remove Stains After Braces

Aug 09, 2021
How to Remove Stains After Braces? If you have had braces at any period in your life, this should not be a surprise for you. After straightening misaligned teeth, braces are very likely to leave your teeth stained and discolored.

How to Remove Stains After Braces?

If you have had braces at any period in your life, this should not be a surprise for you. After straightening misaligned teeth, braces are very likely to leave your teeth stained and discolored. A teeth whitening dentist is the rational choice to get your teeth cleaned and thus reclaim your confidence and smile.

Thoroughly cleaning the plaque off teeth when wearing braces can be a challenge. Plaque is a sticky coating that forms over the teeth after meals. Plaque is very likely to build up behind the braces’ brackets and wire which usually adhere to the teeth. Other than staining the teeth, plaque can lead to serious dental emergencies. A visit to the teeth whitening dentist for regular teeth cleaning is highly encouraged to avoid these dental emergencies.

How Does Plaque Stain Your Teeth?

After plaque builds up around your teeth, it thickens to form tartar or calculus. Tartar has a yellow or brown color. Tartar leads to the demineralization of teeth, often eating away the tooth enamel and leaving white spots on teeth. Tooth demineralization can progress to dental caries (cavities), leading to tooth decay and tooth loss.

Preventing the teeth staining and demineralization caused by braces is possible. When wearing an orthodontic device such as braces, having a regular teeth-cleaning procedure that you strictly adhere to is highly encouraged.

When you get your braces removed and notice some staining on your teeth, it is still possible to fade or remove the stains by enlisting the services of a teeth whitening dentist. Demineralization, though a bit more serious, is also treatable and stoppable before you develop cavities.

The Cause of Teeth Discoloration and Staining When You Wear Braces

The mouth has many bacteria that live and thrive in it. After you eat or drink, this food material deposits around the teeth, forming plaque. The plaque contains bacteria and, after building up, causes yellow or brown discoloration. The best way to prevent this plaque buildup is regular teeth brushing using fluoride toothpaste and flossing to remove food particles in between the teeth after meals.

Your dentist may offer you metallic or ceramic braces. While ceramic braces may be touted to be a much more preferable option, food can still stain your teeth while you are on ceramic braces. Although teeth whitening toothpaste may be preferable while on braces, it is not the best of ideas.

Ceramic braces also have brackets that adhere to the teeth, and once the braces are removed, your teeth will have two shades of color.

Some Foods You Would Rather Avoid While On Ceramic Braces

After your dentist installs your ceramic braces, they will likely ask you to avoid some foods that may damage your braces. However, some foods should also be avoided since they will cause a very high degree of staining.

At the top of your list are tea and coffee. Black tea and coffee are very notorious when it comes to teeth staining. If your morning is incomplete without a good cup of coffee to get you active, then remember to rinse it off with a cup of water. Washing the coffee down goes a long way to avoid staining.

Certain alcoholic drinks can also cause some degree of surface staining. Red wine and sangria are two alcoholic drinks to avoid as much as you can. When considering alcoholic drinks, you are safer opting for clear beverages such as some vodka and tonic.

While other foods may also cause teeth staining, especially if you enjoy specific cultural cuisines, soy, red sauces, and blueberries also leave a residue on your teeth. You are better off practicing proper oral hygiene, including regular brushing using an appropriate toothbrush and fluoride toothpaste. Flossing your teeth is also an excellent way to minimize food residue left on your teeth after meals.

Prevention is undoubtedly better than seeking treatment. However, it may not be entirely possible to prevent tooth discoloration and staining when using braces. Always schedule regular checkups with your dentist.

Visiting your dentist every six months can help diagnose oral diseases, whether related to your braces or not and help treat them. The primary goal is to preserve your teeth and keep your mouth in optimal health.

Getting Rid of Staining from Braces

You should not be too worried when you notice that your teeth are stained after getting your braces removed. Such discoloration is common and is easily removed by a teeth whitening dentist. Your dentist will recommend a treatment regimen to clean your teeth.

Services Offered By A Teeth Whitening Dentist

Teeth Whitening

While seeking the best dental care in Scottsdale AZ, you will desire a service that removes all the stains from your teeth. Some of the effective techniques include:

Dental Bleaching

Dental bleaching is effective in areas of mild discoloration associated with white spots. After the bleaching, the white spots blend in with the surrounding enamel. The blending in is a gradual process, and your dentist will guide you through it.

Other teeth whitening techniques include micro-abrasion and using cosmetic bonding techniques.

While on braces, certain practices will also help prevent teeth coloration and maintain proper oral hygiene including:

  • Brushing your teeth after every meal using a fluoride toothpaste
  • Using a medicated mouthwash
  • Rinsing your mouth using clean water after a meal
  • Flossing your teeth
  • Scheduling regular dental visits to your family dentist at least twice every year
  • Limiting the intake of sugary foods and drinks

In conclusion, while braces will do a great job of straightening your teeth, they are notorious for leaving teeth stained or discolored. Ideally, avoiding the stains from developing is the best way to get rid of braces staining. You can achieve this by maintaining proper oral hygiene and seeking alternatives to metal braces.

In instances where your teeth get discolored, you should visit your dentist for teeth whitening. Your dentist is also in a position to offer solutions when your teeth get demineralized or when you develop cavities. There are numerous advantages of visiting a dentist’s office for your teeth.